CDLS 2015 Resources & Report

The CDLS 2015 Report (EN) is here! Click here to download.

Opening Session, 10 July 2015

Rear Admiral NEIL MORISETTI, Keynote Speech

Michael Schluter, Opening Speech

Day 1, 11 July 2015: Practical examples of new approaches to land, natural resources management and peacebuilding, which could be scaled up.

Panel Speeches by Gabriel Lagat, George Kiiru, Niguse Hagazi, Tony Rinaudo, Michael Ben Eli

Materials from Workshops

Supply chain relationships by Dr Michael Schluter CBE

Day 2, 12 July 2015: Food, Trade, Land and Water: How do we enable world food trade to incentivise farmers to best practice in land and water management?

Tony Allan, Keynote Speech

Dominic Waughray, Keynote Speech

Who Manages Water? by Tony Allan, Kings College London

Materials from workshops

Day 3, 13 July 2015: Building trust for collaboration over land use. 

Joseph Montville, Keynote Speech

Panel Speeches by Dr Muhammad Swazuri, Rev Dr. Jeremy Ive

Materials from workshops

Closing Session: 14 July 2015

Guillaume Benoit, Opening Speech (French)

Additional Resources 

The Complexity and Urgency of Water

Relationships and Resources report by Brendan Bromwich (UNEP, 2014)