Caux Dialogue on Land and Security 2015: Programme

2015 Caux Dialogue on Land and Security

Caux, Switzerland. From 4.45pm on Friday, July 10th to 1pm on Tuesday, 14th.

“Grounding Sustainable Development”

Outline programme

Since land restoration became a major focus at Caux in 2011, its potential as one of the drivers of peace, development and climate change mitigation has started to be widely recognised. 2015 is a crucial year for the Sustainable Development Goals, and we expect that they will contain a strong reference to the need to better manage land. Once they are agreed, the focus will shift from defining the SDG vision to the task of realizing it.

The Sustainable Development agenda has highlighted the need for reform of how natural resources are governed. Where governance, equitable access and mistrust are addressed, it has been shown that many communities can restore their land, without great expense and with considerable benefits to themselves and to others. New technologies can play a vital part, but they too need new management arrangements so they bring fair long-term benefits for all involved.

This year’s Dialogue draws out the importance of relationships,

  • amongst direct and indirect resource users:
  • in the governance and management of new technologies;
  • in the food supply chain and its influence on farming practices; and
  • for peace-building and the establishment of shared use of natural resources.

It will bring together:

– farmers and NGOs with experience of how land is being restored.

– policy makers who can help create the right conditions for scaling up land restoration.

– people from business, funding organisations and diaspora communities who all have vital roles in scaling up land restoration.

The three main themes of the three full days of the conference are as follows:

July 11: Practical examples of new approaches to land, natural resources management and peacebuilding, which could be scaled up.

July 12: Food, Trade, Land and Water: The focus will be on collaboration between the private sector, farmers and government in enhancing food production and good land management. The dialogue on that day will be based around the question: How do we enable world food trade to incentivise farmers to best practice in land and water management?

 July 13: Building trust for collaboration over land use. The dialogue will talk in practical terms about what can be achieved in strengthening relationships essential for governance and peace-building.

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A detailed provisional conference programme as of 4 July 2015 is available here:
CDLS 2015 Provisional Programme 4 July 2015

A report of CDLS 2015 in the context of other conferences in Caux is available here.