CDLS 2015: GoFundMe Campaign

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George Rosemary behind IndiaGeorge Kamau Kiiru and Rosemary Namatsi live and work in Kenya. George is known as “Mr Trees” because of his passion to promote agroforestry and the huge number he has planted, despite being born with a physical disability. He sees this as important in tackling soil erosion and the encroachment of the desert.

Rosemary is motivated by her desire to answer poverty, which she herself experienced after her husband was killed in a communal disturbance. She now teaches bio intensive agriculture techniques to farmers at an agricultural centre near Kitale, enabling them to sustain fertility on their land and make maximum use of water, especially in dry areas.DSC_4398

Both George and Rosemary have an opportunity to tell their ideas and inspiring life stories to a large international audience at the Caux Dialogue on Land and Security in Caux Switzerland in July. It is a meeting of experts and policy-makers exploring how to multiply the many small scale examples of communities who are restoring the dry or degraded land where they live and on which they depend.  Where land is restored, one of the most common causes of conflict is removed. For more about this Dialogue see

They need together to raise £3000 to enable them both to travel to Switzerland and stay there for the 5-day Dialogue, from July 10 – 14. Their presence will help make sure that farmers living on the land and experts who are developing solutions for the land can meet, understand and inspire each other.